Iphone 4 has 5 star music rating

IPhone 4 is an excellent iPod

iPhone 4 is not only an amazing phone it is an amazing iPod too.  The iPhone 4 is available with either 16GB or 32GB of internal memory so there’s plenty of room to save all your favourite tracks and you can downloada wealrh of musical choice  from theApple iTunes Store. The ease of use and multi-functionalityof iPhone has captured the hearts of tech lovers worldwide. The iPhone 4 lets you listen to music, watch video, and browse  with the touch of a finger. As you flick you scroll through songs, artists, albums, and playlists. Flick through music by album artwork with Cover Flow. Shake iPhone to shuffle songs. Create playlists right on your iPhone. And don’t worry about missing a call. The music fades and pauses when your iPhone rings.

Because the iPhone 4 allows you to multitask  you can do a range of activities on your phone while listening to music. Whatever app you’re using, simply double-click the Home button to reveal the new multitasking interface, then swipe right to access iPod controls — play/pause, forward, and back.

As you’d expect from the latest iPhone, the music player is outstanding and rated as 5 star by Which? users. It’s not only simple to use – the sound quality is excellent too. You can connect your own headphones should you prefer by using the 3.5mm socket.  The iPhone’s music capabilities equates to any top music player. It therefore makes good sense to learn how to navigate around the iPhone’s musical potential in order to reap the full benefits on offer.  Set up your iPhone music service by plugging the phone into a USB into your personal computer and follow the directions below:

How to add music to your phone

The easiest way to add music to your mobile phone is by transferring songs that you’ve already saved on your computer. These tracks will either have been imported from CDs or downloaded from a service such as iTunes.

To transfer your songs you should connect your mobile phone to your computer using a USB cable. Next open My Computer or Computer from your Start menu. Your computer should automatically detect the phone. Double-click on the phone’s icon in the open window.

Next open the folder with your saved music. Then simply copy the songs that you wish to move to your phone, by right clicking on your mouse and selecting Copy, and Paste them into the open phone folder.

  • Download the latest version of iTunes onto your computer, take note of the directions for installation of iTunes.
  • Purchase or download selected music to iTunes. Click on the file icon located at the top of the program and click sync iPhone. Allow the phone to duplicate the MP3 files to the iPhone. Be careful not to unplug the phone until it has finished uploading your selected music files.
  • Allow the phone to charge for approximately one hour. Then plug a set of headphones into the iPhone. Touch the icon on the iPhone that says iPod to access your music playlist. Try to organise your playlist according to the frequency that you listen to specific tracks and personalise the lists for quicker access.
  • Browse your playlist and locate the song that you want to hear. Once you have selected the song or album, touch the artists name or icon to play the song. You can listen to music using the headphones or using the phone speakers.
  • Update your iTunes as new updates are released by Apple to ensure that you are working with the latest technology but do not download data, videos or music to your iPhone from a source that you do not trust.

Downloading music straight to your mobile

It is possible to bypass your PC but if you’re planning on downloading music regularly straight to your mobile you will need a fast internet connection. Remember that if you do not download via your PC using WiFi you will probably be using vast amounts of your phone’s monthly data allowance. A 3G connection takes about 30 seconds to download a song, or 15-20 seconds via HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, or 3.5G).

If you have a basic GPRS connection it will take about five minutes.

Music download sites

Although you have a wide choice of different music download sites – Apple iTunes is perfect for your iPhone as it has more than 11 million tracks in its catalogue. Single track price on a tiered system, costing 59p, 79p or 99p, with most albums priced at £7.99.  As well as music download services, you can also sign up to online streaming subscriptions online. However, these services don’t allow you to to keep the music that you download.

Pandora iPhone app

The Pandora iPhone app is the iPhone version of the free personalized radio which is completely integrated with your web based Pandora account. It is easy to use and offers all the Pandora features. You can create a station from the current song or artist, tap the album art to get more information, email the station to a friend, bookmark songs and artists, buy tracks from iTunes and get a nice view in the landscape mode by rotating your iPhone.

Now you can listen to audio from compatible third-party apps while checking email, surfing the web, playing games, and performing other tasks. So when you want to follow a ball game or listen to music from Pandora, your productivity never skips a beat. If you hear a song, love it, know you have heard it before but just can’t recall  it – use the clever Shazam app.

Shazam is a free innovative iPhone app that cures your ” What was that song ? ” problem.  Just hold your iPhone near the music source. Through iPhone’s incredibly sensitive microphone Shazam quickly identifies the album, artist and song title for you. How cool is that?

Get music recommendations.

The Genius feature finds songs that go together and makes a Genius playlist for you. You can even generate a Genius playlist using your iPhone voice control. Just ask iPhone to “play more songs like this.” Or try Genius Mixes when you don’t even want to bother to select a song. iTunes can automatically create multiple mixes based on what’s in your music library. Want to learn more? See the latest apps and iPhone offers? Use the links below.

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