Choose your pay as you go iPhone

Even before the new generation iPhone 4 came out (Summer 2010) there were a number of models of iPhone to choose from. The models are based around two generations of iPhone; the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS. Follow the links below to webpages detailing the specifications of each phone.

At a glance

3G versus 3GS – quickly compare the iPhone specifications

A little more detail

Click on the product name for further details including technical specifications for each of the iphones.

View iPhone 3G specifications – iPhone 8GB white 3G

View iPhone 3GS specifications – iPhone 16GB white 3GS, 16GB black 3GS, 32GB white 3GS & 32GB black 3GS

iPhone 4 – details on the extra screen resolution of the iPhone 4; plus iPhone 4 has 5 star music rating

iPhone 4S -check out our review under Guides.

Further thoughts

Important update: From April 2010 Apple upgraded the operating system to the iPhone. The new system is particularly helpful to owners of the Apple iPhone 3GS – it allows them to multi-task (use more than one program at a time). Along with the battery life, this area of the iPhone was its major weakness. The upgrade to the operating system is good news for 3GS owners but sadly the upgrade is not available for the iPhone 3G … this could be a major factor for your consideration of which iPhone to purchase.