Looking for a Free iPhone or refurbished bargains?

November 9, 2011

Are you looking for a free or really cheap iPhone – Check out these online deals today. The deals are not for pay as you go phones but would cost you less to own and use over a 2 year period.

Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB Black – free from O2, Orange and T-mobile

  • o2 – There are monthly contracts from £21.50 to £63 on o2. . o2 are also offering refubished iPhones are available from as little as £13.50 a month (includes a free refurbished iPhone 3gs). – Visit the o2 website for more information on this deal.
  • Orange – are offering the iPhone 3Gs for FREE on £15/month deals – Visit the Orange website.
  • T-mobile –  are offering the iPhone 3Gs for Free on £15.25/month (2 year contract – Visit the T-mobile website.


An image of an iPhone 3GS mobile phone

Free on Pay Monthly

  • Fast performance
  • Maps with GPS + digital compass*
  • Video recording and editing
  • 3 Megapixel autofocus camera
  • Voice control

O2 are also offering a free iPhone 4 16GB contract deal for £37 a month for 24 months + 600 mins+ 3000 texts + 500 MB.


Free iPhone 4 – 8GB Black at Orange

 The iPhone 4 set the standard with its high-resolution Retina display, and long battery life. And with access to the world’s largest collection of mobile apps on the App Store, over 200 new software features in iOS 5, and iCloud, now iPhone 4 can do more than ever.

  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 3.5″ Touchscreen
  • Multitaskingimage.alt.MD128

The Orange shop are offering  a free iPhone 4 8GB in black or white from £36 per month.

 Vodafone have a special contract offer for a free iPhone 4 16GB pay £41 monthly for 18 months. Check out their latest data allowance offer. They also have cheaper monthly contracts over a longer period (24 months).

Free iPhone 4S from £43 a month contract for 2 years from Three Mobile, Orange, T-Mobile. Vodafone will charge you £46 a month and O2 start at £47 a month for your free Iphone 4S. The cheapest are the 16 GB, followed by 32 GB and 64 GB is the most expensive and probably most suited to you if you want to store films or have a large music library. The top data storage phones are less likely to be free so why not look at pay as you go? Or you might consider upgrading mid contract to an iPhone. Most providers are offering some good deals to their customers at present. For example, O2 and Three are offering considerable discounts to their customers who are nearing the end of their present contracts.

Pay as you go

The iPhone 4S is available for £499 from Three, the 32GB is £599 and the 64 GB is £599.


Apple iPhone 4 16GB

Or what about secondhand iPhones where you do not have to commit to a contract?

This can be an attractive option, saving you the initial depreciation that happens as soon as you open the box, and if you buy a fairly new secondhand one the manufacturer’s warranty will still be in place so you will be covered in the event of any faults. If you’re prepared to go slightly older, you can often pick up some real bargains with last year’s model going for a fraction of it’s original price. EBay is one of the best places to find secondhand iPhone bargains.  Alternatively, a 32 GB iPhone 4 was recently sold by Fonebank for £284 and £250 from RPC Recycle.

8 Tips to save your iPhone battery

November 7, 2011

A growing number of Phone owners who are using the latest iPhone operating system- iOS 5 – are experiencing lower than expected battery life from their iPhones. Apple has admitted that bugs in the iOS 5 are responsible for this battery drain and are working to release a software update in the next few weeks to solve this glitch.

According to MacRumors, the update will fix the biggest problems with devices running iOS 5, including battery life, security issues and voice recognition problems. In the meantime we have some helpful tips for preventing your battery draining too quickly:


  1. A bug may be causing your iPhone to repeatedly use your phone’s location services in order to find out whether or not you’ve switched time zones, this may be happening even if your phone has been sitting unused in your pocket, or handbag.  If your Time Zone Settings are constantly on (indicated by an arrow head) then it will definately be draining your battery. To switch it off:

Touch the “Settings” icon on your home screen.
Touch the “Location Services” bar.
Scroll down to the “System Services” bar at the bottom and click onto that screen.
Switch “Setting Time Zone” into the “Off” position. It is not necessary to be on all the time unless you are travelling constantly.


2. Additionally, we suggest you also turn off “Location-Based iAds,” to prevent advertisements popping up when using free apps. You can turn off  “Diagnostics & Usage,” too if you do not use the traffic function on your Maps app, you could turn off “Traffic” as well to save battery life.


3. If you do not need your iPhone to constantly check for updates then ‘Push Notifications’  to the ‘Off’ position. These are notifications sent by third party apps straight to your iPhone through Apple servers. Too many new apps and downloads can drain your battery. To turn off ‘Push Notifications’ :

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Touch the “Notifications” bar. This should be the third bar from the top.
Look at the apps that are “In Notification Center.” If you can do without updates from apps there, touch on that app’s bar to be taken to the next screen.
Switch “Notification Center” from “On” to “Off” for each app you don’t need.


4. Control the screen brightness of your iPhone and save your battery:

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Touch the “Brightness” bar.
Move that bar to the left a little bit.


5.  Lock your phone when it’s not in use (by pressing the silver button on top of the phone) will extend your battery juice. Additionally, you can set the auto-lock feature to work faster -this will save your battery life by locking the phone and turning off the display light.

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Select “General.”
Touch the “Auto-Lock” bar.
Choose 1 Minute or 2 Minutes.


6. For improved battery life do not get your email automatically but select the times convenient for you. By selecting  ‘Fetch’ not ‘Push’ your phone is checking for new emails less frequently. As the iPhone setting says,’For better battery life, fetch less frequently’:

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Scroll down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Select that screen.
Touch the “Fetch New Data” bar.
Turn off “Push.”
Choose a schedule for how often you want your email refreshed (every 15 mins, 30 mins or hourly)


7. Walking around and checking for wi-f hotspots will drain your battery. So we suggest you can save power by switching off the wi-fi until you need it. To do this :

Touch “Settings” icon.
Touch “Wi-Fi” bar.
Switch “Wi-Fi” to off.


8.   If you have an iPhone 4S with Siri function, voice recognition, this software is at present a battery drain. If you are not using the Siri ‘Raise to Speak’ function, it makes sense to switch it off until you have the iOS 5.0.1 upgrade.

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Touch “General.”
Touch “Siri.”
Slide “Raise to Speak” to the “Off” position.


We hope you find these tips helpful. Getting to know your way around your iPhone can be a satisfying experience. If you want to know more about your iPhone read our latest blogs or go to ‘Reviews’ on our website.







How iOS 5 causes iPhone problems

November 6, 2011

The iPhone 4S has been released and marketed as having an outstanding battery.  However, customers have reported that their  batteries are draining in just a few hours.  Users of the latest operating system – the iOS 5 – have been complaining in growing numbers that they’re needing to charge their iPhone far more frequently than they did when they were using iOS 4.

When the new iPhone 4S was released in October we were told that it exceeded previous iPhone models’ talk time by one hour and battery life would be extended too. Apple had promised that the 4S would deliver eight hours of talk time on 3G, 14 hours of talk time on AT&T’s EDGE network, six hours of 3G browsing, nine hours of wi-fi, ten hours of video, and forty hours of listening to music. But UK owner’s of the new Apple 4S say their fully charged phones are running out of  juice during the course of the day even with minimal usage. Initially purchasers of the latest iPhone 4S felt angry and frustrated until it became apparent that the new iPhone 4S is blameless. It would seem that owners of iPhone 4 and 3GS who had uploaded the latest free operating system iOS 5 were also experiencing some battery draining problems.

The glitch appears to be inherent in the iOS 5 and Apple has confirmed that they have found a ‘few bugs that are affecting battery life‘ and they hope to release a software update to address these concerns in a few weeks. Apple engineers have suggested that the battery glitch was linked to the system location services on iPhone 4S using too much battery.

One developer told the Guardian that the “Setting Time Zone” preference was the culprit. In the iOS 5.0  turning it on would instantly bring up a purple arrow in the phone’s menu bar, indicating it was using your location – and unfortunately, this would stay on permanently- draining the battery.”

Earlier this week The Guardian explained the use of the location services system –’ it tries to poll nearby mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi networks and even the GPS location chip in your phone  and this can drain the battery rapidly because they become an ‘always-on system’ constantly trying to check for any change in signal strength from the sources which would indicate movement. GPS in particular requires lots of processing power because GPS signals are below the level of thermal noise in most environments and require special amplification systems to determine the signal.’

Apple developers are now testing an updated operating system that solves the glitches – iOS5.0.1 beta and although this is not available yet, Apple have promised availability in ‘the next few weeks‘. The update will be accessed “over the air” and will not require a computer link for installation.

Apple is not offering any advice on what customers should do until the software update is released so perhaps users of iOS 5 should keep their chargers close at hand.

A review of the iPhone 4S is available on our website under ‘Guides’ – the iPhone 4S is still considered to be the classiest and smartest mobile phone in the market.



The week of Apple’s 4S and Steve Jobs

October 9, 2011

The Apple iPhone 4S was announced last Tuesday  then sadly one day later former Apple CEO Steve Jobs lost his long struggle with cancer. Jobs had been diagnosed with a rare pancreatic cancer seven years ago and had undergone a liver transplant in 2009. Last Friday, the day of Steve Job’s funeral,  Apple enthusiasts rushed to preorder the iPhone 4S, giving the company a psychological boost as it came to terms with the death of co-founder Steve Jobs.

Preorders for the iPhone 4S are coming in thick and fast;  AT&T said it had ‘‘more than 200,000 preorders in the first 12 hours alone’‘, making the iPhone 4S ‘‘the most successful iPhone launch we’ve ever had.”

Reaction to the 4S is key for Apple, because it is an indication of whether the company can continue to generate desire for its devices. Smartphones are Apple’s single-largest product category by revenue. Early consumer demand for the iPhone 4S could be shaped by an outpouring of emotion surrounding this week’s death of Jobs. Steve Jobs will be remembered as the man who had a gift for giving us easy-to-use products we did not even know we wanted.

Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, was among the first to see the potential of the mouse-driven interface for the Mac computer in the early 1980’s. He went on to develop the iPhone, iPad and iPod by excelling in an understanding of technology and popular culture. Jobs has been quoted as saying that ” It’s not the consumer’s job to know what they want.

The Sunday Times suggests ” Jobs achieved his cult status not just by being single-minded, driven, focused, perfectionist, hard-driving,  uncomprimising and a total ballbreaker – but he also made high tec so easy that even grown-ups could use it.” His ethos was – ‘You know you can do this. Its easy.’

So how will Apple survive without Steve? Will you still want the next Apple smartphone after iPhone 4S? Apparently, you will, as much of the credit for a new products’ visual and operational simplicity should also go to Apple’s brilliant British designer Jonathan Ive Ive’s believes the future of Apple is rosy as the possibilities to create new computer products, forms, and materials are endless.

Our takehome message is – if you don’t have a smartphone: iPhones are still the kings of the smartphone world, with unsurpassed access to high-quality applications and the world’s most advanced iOS 5 (operating system). Check out our latest reviews of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Did you know that more people choose Three for their iPhone 4 than any other network? Go to our sponsored links for the latest deals.

The iPhone 4S is here

October 5, 2011

Apple has announced release of their  most amazing iPhone yet. Although many of you may be disappointed that the 4S model appears unchanged visually and the screen size remains the same, the troublesome antenna has been altered and there is now global roaming with a dual-mode GSM and CDMA radio.
iPhone 4S. It’s the most amazing iPhone yet.

The iPhone 4S is to be released in the UK on October 14 with pre-orders available from October 7. All models of the iPhone 4S will be available in both black and white versions. In the UK the iPhone 4S will be carried by O2, Orange, Three, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

The 16GB version will cost $199 and 32GB version will cost $299 and there’s another option this time around, a 64GB model for $399. The effect of the release will make the current iPhone 4 and earlier models even cheaper. Keep checking our site for the latest PAYG deals.
The iOS 5 is the latest operating system. It includes a ‘notification center’ a new device allowing you one convenient location for email, texts, friend requests etc etc. To access you just swipe down the screen and new notifications appear briefly at the top of your screen without interrupting what you are doing. To update to iOS 5 you just connect to your Mac or PC and follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes.

Apple’s 4S has a dual-core A5 chip for blazing fast performance and stunning graphics; an 8MP camera with advanced optics; full 1080p HD resolution video recording; and Siri, an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done just by asking plus over 200 new features.
iCloud is available from October 12th. The iCloud services include iTunes, Photo Stream and Documents. The iCloud is seamlessly integrated into your apps, so you can access  content on all your devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch). ICloud stores your music, photos and documents, keeping them all up to date automatically, wirelessly pushing them to your iPhone devices, Mac & PC and it will be free with  iOS 5.

Check this website for a more focused review of the iPhone 4S in the near future and the latest deals from our sponsored links.

New iPhone will boost iPhone4 sales

October 4, 2011

Although nothing is certain, it seems increasingly likely that a new iPhone will be launched later today. The Mail Online suggests that an iPhone 4S, rather than iPhone 5 will be released after 6pm BST as this is when Apple hold their ‘Let’s Talk’ iPhone Event in California marking new CEO Tim Cook’s first appearance since taking over from Steve Jobs.

iPhone 5 Release In Doubt As Apple Holds 'Let's Talk iPhone' Event TodayAdditionally, reports of an iPhone 4S – a cheaper, entry version of the iPhone 4, could be unveiled later this evening state Gizmodo and Eurogamer. Leaks from Apple’s own inventory appear to confirm that any new iPhone will have the fast A5 processor found in iPad 2.

Whenever the new iPhone is launched we predict that there will be a steep rise in sales of previous iPhone models. The online marketplace saw this trend last year when the iPhone 4 first went on sale.  The effect of a new release is to lower the price and accessiblity of earlier models leading to a serious surge in sales.

EBay expects the launch of the iPhone 5 to stimulate sales in the smartphone market as a whole, not just for the new model. More than half a million iPhones have been sold via eBay UK online since they were launched, including used and brand new handsets. Mobile Marketing indicate that a iPhone was sold via eBay UK every 2 minutes. Many iPhone  shoppers are looking for great deals, rather than the latest iPhone model. Sales of mobile phones accounts for 10% of all purchases on eBay UK and eBay mobile apps have been downloaded over 47 million times globally.

Angus McCarey, retail director for eBay UK is quoted “Our figures show that savvy shoppers are ready and waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 4 at a cut down price.”

You might also want to check out the latest pricerunner’s iPhone deals on our sponsored links.

If you are more interested in acquiring a new model iPhone be aware that it is expected to smash iPhone 4’s sales record of 1.7 million handsets in one day. Selling your old iPhone on eBay looks like the easy peasy bit!

Accessorise your iPhone camera

September 18, 2011

Although we are waiting with baited breath for the release of the iPhone 5 (expected release is October), technological accessories for the current iPhone 4 continue to advance. New camera accessories, available now, can turn your iPhone from a convenient pocket camera to a camera that resembles more impressive professional equipment. With in excess of 125 million iPhone owners there is a huge and growing market for camera accessories and the researcher NPD group estimate the revenue for such accessories is £250 million.

Products to offer you stablity, memory, & a variety of shots

Kogeto founder Jeff Glasse is about to release his Dot accessory which slips over the iPhone 4 to provide a cool 360-degree view of the video you are shooting. Kogeto’s Dot costs around £45  and the manufacturers recommend you put your iPhone with the Dot on a table at a party to capture everything in a different and more exciting way. Glasse is quoted in USA Today : “People love their iPhone. It’s the digital swiss Army knife of our time. I can chart my boat from the iPhone, use it for GPS in the car, as a book reader …. And for many people, it’s now their primary camera.”

Kogeto is not alone in courting iPhone users. Photojojo, a photo accessory site, offers a DSLR connector to hook lenses from your digital SLR directly to the iPhone – approximate cost is £180. Photojojo’s iPhone SLR Mount allows you to attach Canon or Nikon lenses over your iPhone for moody shots that throw the background out of focus or dramatically zoom in on the action. However, once it’s attached to your iPhone, everything looks upside-down. To fix this, you will need to download the £1.50 Almost DSLR app.

Then Owle’s Bubo steadicam setup – approx £120 can ensure your images are steadier and this has tools that attach a wide angle lens. The Bubo camera mount fits over the iPhone, giving you a good grip on all sides of the camera for a steadier, more stable image, and incorporates a wide-angle attachment that goes over your camera for a wider view.

Have you had problems taking shots or videos because your memory card is full? ZoomIt is a memory card connector that can solve your problem of a full iPhone memory card and no time to delete. The ZoomIt lets you slip its attachment into the iPhone’s 30-pin connector adding an SD memory card to boost iPhone memory immediately.

Best accessories for you

So how can you decide which accessory is best for your needs? Terry White, co-author of The iPhone Book, often lectures on photograhy and confirms that the iPhone is always his camera of choice when on the road. White believes your best choices are the steadying camera accessories such as the Zgrip iPhone Pro or the Point N Shoot grip which sits the iPhone horizontally across a pistol grip to provide steadier shooting. White believes that having too many accessories added to your iPhone will make it cumbersome and heavy and negate the advantage of having a light camera that fits snugly into your pocket. He confirms that the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010 upped the game as it offered users a sharper camera than previous versions, with a 5-megapixel sensor (up from 3 megapixels). However, White concludes that the iPhone 5 will need to step up and offer an 8-megapixel sensor to compete with the Android cameras currently in the market.




Apple to sell cheaper, 8GB iphone 4 within weeks

August 23, 2011

(Reuters) – Apple Inc will release a cheaper iPhone 4 within weeks, jeopardizing profit margins to win lower-end customers from rivals such as Nokia in China and other emerging markets.

Asian suppliers have begun making a lower-cost version of the hot-selling smartphone with a smaller 8-gigabyte flash drive that will arrive around the same time Apple unveils its much-anticipated iPhone 5, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The world’s most valuable technology company has long stuck to the higher end of a booming mobile device arena, but is now seeking out new markets to sustain the rip-roaring pace of growth that has enthralled Wall Street.

It is in talks with leading Chinese carriers China Mobile Ltd and China Telecom Corp Ltd, both of which are eager to carry the device that defined the smartphone market when Apple launched it in 2007.

“A lower-priced version of iPhone 4 seems to be a necessary evil at this point in the iPhone adoption cycle, especially in emerging markets where the average income of individuals is much lower,” said Channing Smith, co-manager of the Capital Advisors Growth Fund, which owns Apple shares.

Pat Becker, portfolio manager at Becker Capital Management, said Apple is looking to take a chunk of the market that is currently dominated by Finnish rival Nokia Oyj, which is widely expected to release a new phone running on Microsoft Corp’s Windows software as early as end of the year.

Nokia dominates the lower end, while Apple has so far focused only on the premium market.

“Your best defense is sometimes your offense,” he said.

A cheaper phone risks cannibalizing Apple’s premium iPhone model and pressuring margins, but the California company needs one to expand its emerging market share, analysts say.

The flash drive for the 8-GB iPhone 4 is being manufactured by a South Korean company, one of the sources said on Tuesday, declining to name the company. Apple currently sources its flash drives from Japan’s Toshiba Corp and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

Apple, which demands high levels of secrecy and security from suppliers and employees, would not comment. Samsung also declined comment.


The iPhone 4 was launched June 2010 in black 16-GB and 32-GB versions, with white versions added to the lineup in April. The 8-GB version is expected within weeks, the sources said.

“Apple may want to push into the emerging market segment, where customers want to switch to low- to mid-end smartphones from high-end feature phones, which usually cost $150 to $200,” said Yuanta Securities analyst Bonnie Chang.

“But I think for an 8-GB iPhone 4, the price is hard to go below $200, so Apple will still need a completely new phone with low specifications for the emerging markets.” An iPhone 4 without contract commitments now costs over $600.

In addition to the launch of the smaller iPhone 4, Apple is targeting an end-September launch for the next-generation iPhone 5, one source said, confirming earlier reports on Apple follower blogsites and industry websites.

The new iPhone — which some call the iPhone 4S because of its largely identical appearance to the existing iPhone 4 — will have a bigger touch screen, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera, one source said.

The iPhone 5’s two manufacturers have been told to prepare production capacity for up to 45 million units altogether, the source said. The phone will be made by Hon Hai Precision Industries Co Ltd and Pegatron Corp, the person added.

Apple sold 20.34 million iPhones in the second quarter versus an expected 17 million to 18 million, and is increasingly looking to Asia to boost future results.

Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook said in July the company is particularly optimistic about Greater China, in which Apple includes mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“I firmly believe that we are just scratching the surface right now,” Cook said about China. “I think there is an incredible opportunity for China there.”

Asia-Pacific — which accounts for about one-fifth of Apple’s total revenue — and Greater China in particular helped Apple’s revenue surge 82 percent to $28.6 billion in April-June.

Overall, Asia-Pacific revenue more than tripled to $6.3 billion in the quarter.

This article orginally appeared on Reuters.

New iPhone dating app for fun-loving singles

August 23, 2011

A new social networking app for singles was launched earlier this week. The app LocalSin is a free GPS-based mobile phone app that promises to boost your odds of locating romance. This app uses GPS technology and has already proved to be a great hit in the US and Australia. The app is aimed at singles looking for fun and achieves this by  allowing you to check how many single people are in a given place – such as a local bar, nightclub, or city centre to help you decide where you are most likely to strike lucky.

The app LocalSin boasts that it can increase your odds of getting lucky on any night out by up to 90 per cent!  Since its launch elsewhere, it has attracted tens of thousands of users internationally, with a further 50,000 expected in the UK in the coming weeks.

The app caters to men and women of all sexual preferences giving users access to a real-time ‘passion map’, a list showing the location of ‘compatibles’ – other users with similar interests or profiles – in the area.

The software provides users with a list of ‘willing’ singles in their immediate area and enables enables them to contact other singles directly and propose a meeting. Recipients must approve an ‘interaction request’ first, and can also choose to hide their real location.

The Daily Mail reports that a spokesman for the firm says the LocalSin mobile app has the potential of significantly increasing the chances of  meeting and dating compatible people.

This is going to revolutionise the dating game. It allows men and women of all sexual preferences to locate and link-up with other willing users in the vicinity and by doing so it minimises the hassle of moving from one bar to another in search of single people and could easily increase pulling success by at least 90 per cent.”

Recent research indicates that there are some 8.6 million UK adults actively dating, roughly half the total number of singletons. The national average is currently four dates each per year. The introduction of free location-aware dating apps similar to LocalSin could change the face of the dating scene forever because of their simplicity.

If it is really  as simple as it sounds, and the number of downloads in America, Australia and other parts of the world is anything to go by, LocalSin is set to become a phenomenon here in in Britain, too.’

For more information go to the Daily Mail online.

New aluminum iPhone cases improve damage protection

August 22, 2011

Inventive Metals Introduces Solid Aluminum iPhone Cases

With nearly 50 million iPhones sold to date, there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of  iPhone cases that have been created. However, we think the latest solid aluminum cases have raised the bar for safety and elegence combined.

Inventive Metals a US company recenntly announced a line of iPhone cases constructed from solid aluminum. These durable cases are being sold in six different powder-coated finishes with styles ranging from elegant to wacky; they are specifically designed to protect the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/GS models.

While inside the case, the iPhone is completely functional with easy access provided to the screen, all buttons, speaker, microphone, and headphone jack. Most importantly, the cases do not interfere with mobile phone reception.

Inventive Metal’s  product manager explains that the light aluminum case provide the iPhone with great drop protection; however, enclosing a phone in a metal jacket while maintaining its technical flexibility was  extremely challenging.

“Most of our competitors who have tried this really haven’t put enough engineering into the signal-loss problem. We’ve studied this extensively and have tested and refined many prototypes before we were satisfied that our cases would out-perform our competitors and provide a good user-experience to our customers. Our iPhone cases are unmatched in terms of durability and signal strength.”

Inventive Metal’s iPhone cases can be purchased online at inventive metals.com and cost approximately $69 each.

There are already a limited number of aluminum and leather cases suitable for iPhone 4 and 3G for sale from amazon.co.uk. (visit the Amazon UK website) selling from £25. However, the latest offer from Inventive Metals would appear to offer a marked improvement re design and signal clarity.For a real alternative, try our sponsored link on your right, Ion’s Stealth Predator, for a luxury iPhone case designed only for iPhone 4. The Predator Zero uniquely built from carbon fibre promises not only zero signal interruption but also zero flashlight interference – it is an exquisite accessory selling at $69.99.

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