Speed of iPhone 3G with iOS 4

September 28, 2010

iOS 4 slows iPhone 3G dramatically

If your iPhone 3G is running really slow after installingan an upgrade to operating systems iOS 4 read on to find out how to resolve the problem. You can get the iOS 4.1 as this will resolve some of the speed problems. But a far better and easier solution is to turn off the phone’s Spotlight search feature.

Disable Spotlight

Spotlight is the search program that appears when you swipe the homescreen to the right or tap the home button twice. Most 3G owners will probably not have used their Spotlight facility at all and so will not miss it! By a simple reconfiguration which turns off the Spotlight indexing – instantly improves navigation of the main screens of icons;  scrolling performance through text messages and emails; and even launching your apps.

Turn off Spotlight search by:

  • tap on Settings
  • tap on General
  • go to and select Home Button
  • scroll down to Spotlight Search
  • disable every item by tapping its check box
  • exit settings

Extra Tips

You can increase speeds further by reducing the icons on the screen and putting them in folders.

A tip for speeding up the camera app in iOS 4 is to disable Location Services for the camera (Settings> General Location Services> Camera> Off) this can make a huge difference to the launch, shutter lag and saving image.

iPhone 3G upgrades

The iPhone OS 3.1.3 is still faster than the latest iOS 4.1.  You need to decide whether upgrading your operating system and obtaining new features such as Folders and editing playlists are worth the slowdown.


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