Paul Frank iPhone case

February 21, 2010

The fashion label Paul Frank have released a number of fun, rubber cases for the iphone and itouch. Priced around £25 the cases add a bit of cartoon fun to the ultra-styled iphone.

From the Apple store;

“Paul Frank brings you a fashionable way to protect your iPhone 3G. Made from super-durable silicone, this case hugs your iPhone and keeps it safe from accidental damage while you’re taking calls or listening to your music on the go.”

Flexible, silicone style

It allows full functionality, with custom cutouts providing access to all touch controls, headphone jack, dock connector, camera, speaker and the microphone for easy in-case use. It’s a great way to protect and add the Paul Frank style to your sleek iPhone 3G without extra bulk.


  • Simply slips on for easy use
  • Form-fitting for effective grip and protection without adding bulk
  • Access to all touch controls and dock connector
  • Openings for speaker, microphone, camera and headphone jack
  • Durable, flexible silicone rubber construction
  • Stylish Paul Frank graphics
  • Of course -the case fits both the iPhone and iPhone 3GS

Safeguard your iPhone 3G with this form-fitting protective case from Paul Frank. It’s a durable, stylish rubber surround that keeps your iPhone looking as good as new, with a classic Paul Frank design.

  • Custom fit for more grip without extra bulk
  • Access to all controls, touch screen and dock
  • Openings for speakerphone, microphone and camera
  • Durable and flexible silicone construction

Buy your Paul Frank case on the

UK Apple store website

Ebay website

Budget – £25


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