o2 announce iPhone 4 on pay as you go

June 14, 2010

o2 have confirmed that they will be carrying the nee iPhone 4 on their pay as you go tariff – see the o2 iPhone webpages. The short of the story is that you can buy an iPhone 4 outright (price tbc) and then top-up the phone with a minimum of £10 per month. The £10 gets you 300 texts and 500 MB of internet downloads.

From the o2 website….

“You may know this, but you don’t need a monthly contract to get an iPhone. You can buy an iPhone on Pay & Go from our online shop. Or from any O2 shop, Apple Store or, The Carphone Warehouse from 24 June onwards.

If you’re already on Pay & Go with O2 and buying the iPhone 4, you’ll need to transfer your existing O2 number, balance and tariff onto the new micro sim. We’ll tell you how to do this soon.

New to O2 and want to keep your number?
If you’re new to O2, you can switch to O2 and keep your number. Just call your network and ask for a PAC code. Then give it to us when you buy your iPhone or tell us online when your iPhone arrives. It takes about two working days after that to move the number over. We’ll give you a temporary number so you can start using your iPhone in the meantime. After that your old sim won’t work, so make sure you’ve moved all your contacts and listened to your voicemails before you fill in the form.

Text and Web for iPhone
When you first get your new iPhone, it’ll be on our Text & Web tariff. From 1 October 2010, Text & Web will include unlimited Wi-Fi. Excessive usage policy and terms apply, see o2.co.uk.

The more you top up, the more texts you’ll get:

  • Top up £10-£14. Get 300 texts and 500MB internet
  • Top up £15-£29. Get 500 texts and 500MB internet
  • Top up £30 or more. Get unlimited texts and 500MB internet

You can switch tariffs once a month, though. See the other tariffs

Once you’ve used up your allowance, texts are 10p each. Find out more about what costs what.

With Text & Web, the texts you get when you top up on this tariff don’t include sending picture messages.

Each picture message will cost 25p. Or if you want to send a lot of picture messages, you can buy a messaging Bolt On. They start from £3.99 and give you 50 texts or 16 picture messages or a combination. Sending 1 picture message uses 3 texts.”


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