New iPhone will boost iPhone4 sales

October 4, 2011

Although nothing is certain, it seems increasingly likely that a new iPhone will be launched later today. The Mail Online suggests that an iPhone 4S, rather than iPhone 5 will be released after 6pm BST as this is when Apple hold their ‘Let’s Talk’ iPhone Event in California marking new CEO Tim Cook’s first appearance since taking over from Steve Jobs.

iPhone 5 Release In Doubt As Apple Holds 'Let's Talk iPhone' Event TodayAdditionally, reports of an iPhone 4S – a cheaper, entry version of the iPhone 4, could be unveiled later this evening state Gizmodo and Eurogamer. Leaks from Apple’s own inventory appear to confirm that any new iPhone will have the fast A5 processor found in iPad 2.

Whenever the new iPhone is launched we predict that there will be a steep rise in sales of previous iPhone models. The online marketplace saw this trend last year when the iPhone 4 first went on sale.  The effect of a new release is to lower the price and accessiblity of earlier models leading to a serious surge in sales.

EBay expects the launch of the iPhone 5 to stimulate sales in the smartphone market as a whole, not just for the new model. More than half a million iPhones have been sold via eBay UK online since they were launched, including used and brand new handsets. Mobile Marketing indicate that a iPhone was sold via eBay UK every 2 minutes. Many iPhone  shoppers are looking for great deals, rather than the latest iPhone model. Sales of mobile phones accounts for 10% of all purchases on eBay UK and eBay mobile apps have been downloaded over 47 million times globally.

Angus McCarey, retail director for eBay UK is quoted “Our figures show that savvy shoppers are ready and waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 4 at a cut down price.”

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If you are more interested in acquiring a new model iPhone be aware that it is expected to smash iPhone 4’s sales record of 1.7 million handsets in one day. Selling your old iPhone on eBay looks like the easy peasy bit!


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