New iPhone dating app for fun-loving singles

August 23, 2011

A new social networking app for singles was launched earlier this week. The app LocalSin is a free GPS-based mobile phone app that promises to boost your odds of locating romance. This app uses GPS technology and has already proved to be a great hit in the US and Australia. The app is aimed at singles looking for fun and achieves this by  allowing you to check how many single people are in a given place – such as a local bar, nightclub, or city centre to help you decide where you are most likely to strike lucky.

The app LocalSin boasts that it can increase your odds of getting lucky on any night out by up to 90 per cent!  Since its launch elsewhere, it has attracted tens of thousands of users internationally, with a further 50,000 expected in the UK in the coming weeks.

The app caters to men and women of all sexual preferences giving users access to a real-time ‘passion map’, a list showing the location of ‘compatibles’ – other users with similar interests or profiles – in the area.

The software provides users with a list of ‘willing’ singles in their immediate area and enables enables them to contact other singles directly and propose a meeting. Recipients must approve an ‘interaction request’ first, and can also choose to hide their real location.

The Daily Mail reports that a spokesman for the firm says the LocalSin mobile app has the potential of significantly increasing the chances of  meeting and dating compatible people.

This is going to revolutionise the dating game. It allows men and women of all sexual preferences to locate and link-up with other willing users in the vicinity and by doing so it minimises the hassle of moving from one bar to another in search of single people and could easily increase pulling success by at least 90 per cent.”

Recent research indicates that there are some 8.6 million UK adults actively dating, roughly half the total number of singletons. The national average is currently four dates each per year. The introduction of free location-aware dating apps similar to LocalSin could change the face of the dating scene forever because of their simplicity.

If it is really  as simple as it sounds, and the number of downloads in America, Australia and other parts of the world is anything to go by, LocalSin is set to become a phenomenon here in in Britain, too.’

For more information go to the Daily Mail online.


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