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November 12, 2011

Apple’s latest software operating system (iOS 5) is a free upgrade from Apple – if you have an iPhone 4S, iPhone 4  0r an iPhone 3GS model. It  is also free for most other Apple devices like the iPad and  iPod Touch. This latest software has improved apps, linking apps and gaming to the latest iOS 5developments – many are free – for example Fanatix – enables fans of sport or music to join live chats about the latest events.

Fanatix – Free for iPhone & iPod touch

Fanatix uses iMessage, Apple’s instant messaging system that sends texts over the internet – now you can join live chats about numerous events you may be watching on TV, radio or from the actual event. It covers thousands of events all over the world. Fanatax will find your Facebook friends who are watching the same events – linking you up -how cool is that!

Foursquare – Free for iPhone

When you set up iOS 5 you were asked if you wanted ‘Find my Phone’ we recommend you choose this option as GPS will track your location – Foursquare has linked into this so that the new Radar feature makes that process automatic – you can check in withouit even taking the phone out of your bag/pocket. Foursquare enables special offers to your phone when you are out shopping or in a restaurant.

Jesse Hollington, writer and Apps Editor for suggests that any applications that require Region Monitoring are not supported on the iPhone 3GS as it does not have the APIs necessary to support this. For built-in apps, that includes the ability to set location-based reminders in the “Reminders” app, but this also affects third-party apps that use Region Monitoring such as Foursquare’s new Radar feature and similar location-based contexts.

Gaming – Angry Birds


ht angry birds jp 111111 wblog Angry Birds Opens First Store

The First Angry Birds store near Helsinki, Finland. The image above was from Rovio and posted on Facebook.

ABC News’ reported the world’s first Angry Bird Store opened yesterday in Helsinki, Finland. Rovio, the bestselling game’s developer, is based 15 minutes outside of Helsinki.  Gaming fans had been camping outside the store for days to be the first in line to purchase merchandise. Why not check out their latest on iTunes and join in the fun. Try’ Crazy Penguin’ new birds, new levels.

App Specific Website

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