IPhone tops smartphone survey

November 24, 2010

A recently released survey by ChangeWave Research of 1,212 smartphone owners showed that iPhone 4 continues to “outperform the industry in terms of customer satisfaction.”

Results were percentage ratings – by maker – with Apple iPhone receiving (77%); Motorola (71%), HTC (63%); Samsung (45%) and RIM (44%). Paul Carlton, Vice President of research for ChangeWave said:

The iPhone 4’s exceptionally high Very Satisfied rating of 84% for 32GB model and 78% for the 16GB confirms that despite the controversy surrounding its initial launch, the iPhone 4 has been extraordininarily well received by its owners.”

This research also found that a third of people who had purchased other smartphones said they would have bought an iPhone if they had been available at the time they wanted to purchase. Almost 40% of people owning Motorola phones said they wished they had an iPhone.

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