iPhone games reviewed

September 18, 2010

This article reviews3 games; Mirror’s Edge rated as 5 star and 4 stars -Knights Rush and Slice IT!

Mirror’s Edge at £2.99 is suited to players aged 9 years and above. Originally a console player in 2008 it has a huge following of dedicated fans and can now be played on high-definition display of the iPhone 4 where it sets an innovative new standard for mobile gaming. In the scenario you play Faith, the heroine who runs, jumps and drop-kicks her way through the enemies in her life (not a gun in sight)! The production values of this game are really high and there is not a single button to jab – Faith’s actions are sensitively controlled by swiping the screen – it is five star enjoyment and deeply impressive.

Knight’s Rush at £1.79 is also recommended for players aged 9 and above. The context is action-adventure. The player makes the choice to play as one of three sword-wielding heroes. You can slice your way through 40 levels and over 50 different enemies in your quest for mastery of the medieval world. The graphics are cartoon in character and the learning modes allow you to build up your power and mastery, culminating in the Super Endless mode where your successful kills enable you to rise up the online high score tables. An adrenaline-rush fun game.

Slice IT! at 59p is recommended for players aged 4+. It is a simple yet cerebral challenging game – that is, simple to learn but taking hours to master. The game is rather like geometric puzzles requiring the player to divide different shapes into sections – the aim is to build shapes that represent the same surface area – for example, slicing a square into four pieces with two swipes. Its geometric challenges ramp up to GCSE maths and beyond with 60 stages to work through (there are hints if you get stuck). This game is great for getting your right brain into gear – or buy it for the kids!

Source: for video trailers of games go to thesundaytimes.co.uk/ingear


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