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December 5, 2011

Golfer Ben Hogan, Keeping His Shoulders Level at Top of Swing


IPing – free (cradle £25)

IPing works by gleaning data directly from your putter. You will need to buy a special cradle for £25 from the pro shop to attach to your iPhone or iPod Touch to the club’s shaft but it is worth this initial outlay. Attach your iPhone device, start the app, and take some practice putts. The app uses your iDevice’s motion sensors to record the consistency of your stroke, its impact angle and its tempo. It will store the results and show how your data differ from those of your golf pro. As you improve, it compares your latest statistics with your original efforts – it really does deliver on its promise to improve your play.

IStimp – 69p

The iStimp app works with the iPhone and Touch – it is a measurement of how fast a green is, determined by the state of the grass and angle of the green – both vital information for the golfer who is attempting a long putt, or playing on an unfamiliar course. This app behaves like a stimp meter – it becomes a virtual spirit level and measures how far a ball rolls when dropped from a specific height. You can save these measurements – hole by hole- and definately  reduces the time you spend faffing about on the green BUT please note that this app is banned in tournament play. This obviously suggests that using iStimp will give you a clear advantage over your golfing opponents.

Golfshot- free & Golf GPS Version £20.99

The Golfshot app is free for iPhone and Touch and means you can save money too. You will no longer need scoring cards and pencils. Golfshot contains a scorecard and hole -by-hole par details for 37,000 courses around the world. It can keep scores for up to four players. It also has the added option of recording stroke details which could highlight weaknesses in your current game. Why not splash out on the Golf GPS version which is also available for your iPad at a cost of £20.99?  This version includes aerial views and GPS rangefinder data. Be aware that this is a much cheaper option than buying a hand held electronic rangefinder which are £100 plus.

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