Iphone apps could save a life

February 23, 2010

An American trapped in the Haitian earthquake survived for 65 hours in a lift shaft with the aid of his iPhone (The Sunday Times 31.1.10) he used apps that gave him first aid advice. Read on to learn about 3 iPhone apps that could save a life in the event of an emergency:

  1. Pocket First Aid & CPR £2.39  This is bit like an electronic book rather than an interactive guide as it is complex and rather wordy so don’t rely on it in a panic. You can however gain useful advice on how to dress wounds in an emergency.
  2. First Aid Pocket Guide 59p This aid is based upon an Australian paramedics manual. It has big clear icons on the home screen which require two taps to get to information re dozens of emergency situations. It is clearly presented in bullet-pointed texts or checklists. The downside is it only gives US emergency contact numbers.
  3.  iEmergency ICE Family Pro £1.79  ICE means In Case of Emergency – and this is a British protocol. Family Pro is the most expensive ICE app in the iEmergency series and it allows you to save extensive details on an ulimited number of family and friends. This includes ID photos, blood type, allergies and any medication being taken. Entering this data can be time consuming but details from your contacts list can speed up the process. If you lock your iPhone, key details can be saved as wallpaper which is readable by waking the handset. A free single-user version is also available.

If you are interested in learning more go to www.store.apple.com/uk/browse/home/shop or for more ideas visit www.which.co.uk/appstore


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