IPhone 2011

February 15, 2011

Smartphones in general were 2010’s hotest technology and the iPhone in particular promises lots more to enjoy in 2011.The iPhone 4 released by Apple in 2010 is elegant, easy to use, faster and technically outsmarted its older siblings in every department. Research suggests that the Apple iPhone is also the most viewed handset online. Its hugely successful  iOS operating system outshines its rivals by delivering a smooth and consistent performance and a huge library of apps.

If you have never owned, or used, a smartphone you will love an iPhone as its design interface is intuitive, simple to learn and easy to use. It also offers you a seamless integration with iTunes for listening to music [check out our recent item on iPhone 4 has 5 star music rating for a review of how to get the best out of your iPhone].

Apple’s  App Store is fantastic with apps for everything you might want and need and all approved by Apple -thus keeping app problems to a minimum. The iPhone is no longer the preserve of the business executive as consumers  expect to multitask via mobile broadband, access the internet and email while going about their daily life. You can now have an iPhone 4 (16 or 32GB) on PAYG for around £490 or the cheapest 18 month contract with a free handset is approximately £66 a month. See the latest deals on PAYG iPhones at PAYG iphone page on o2.

For 2011 a new smaller version of the iPhone is reportedly in the pipeline  and rumour has it that it will be on sale this summer. Reports from the US say the new model will be between half and a third of the size of the current iPhone and most importantly, about half the price. Its MobileMe service will be included free as a “locker” for photos, videos and possibly music too. According to sources at Apple, the company has built a prototype which will cost as little as $200 without a contract, compared with the latest iPhone 4 at $625.

Another report has emerged that says the fifth-generation smartphone will actually feature an expanded screen to take on Android devices’ larger screens.  The report of a larger screen is just one among many regarding the next iPhone that has surfaced in the past few days. A Taiwanese blog, Apple.pro suggests that it has reliable information that the iPhone 5 has been designed with a physical keyboard that slides out, a longer-lasting battery and a better camera. such reports suggest the iPhone 5 will also be released sometime this year.

Apple has not commented on these reports.

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