iPad released on Three

December 6, 2010

Three (3) -the mobile phone network – is now stocking the iPad. They have entered the market with a cracking deal that not only matches the contract pricing being offered by Orange and T-mobile but beats them in the amount of inclusive data downloads.

Three have followed Orange and T-mobile in offering a cheaper way to buy the iPad…. if you go with a 2 year contract – the 16GB iPad will cost you an upfront fee of £199, the 32GB iPad costs £249 and the 64GB iPad will set you back £349. To get this discounted initial price you will have to sign-up to a 2-year data contract. The monthly plan for the Three Apple iPad is £25 per month (for 15GB of data downloads per month) based on a 2 year contract.

Buy the iPad from the following online retailers…

  • Visit the Three website
  • Visit the Orange website
  • Visit the T-mobile website
  • Visit the iPad page on the Tesco website
  • Visit the iPad page on the Amazon website

The iPad costs from £529 if you want wi-Fi and 3g connectivity and £429 if you can make do with just Wi-Fi connections.


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