HTC growing challenge to iPhone

November 27, 2010

HTC are currently getting more hits online than Apple’s iPhone suggests the Telegraph today. Web searches for HTC phones outstrip iPhone – consumers’ online habits reveal that they realise Apples are not the only fruit to pick. Apparently, we are more likely to search for HTC’s handsets when researching new phones than Apple’s flagship handset, the research reveals.

The research comparison site Good Mobile Phones recently confirmed that HTC’s Wildfire, Desire and Desire HD were the three most searched-for phones on the site, with Apple’s iPhone 4 in sixth place. If you too are checking out the competition then you need to read our blog on ‘Is iPhone your best buy?‘ published last week. Although HTC appear to be breaking new ground it could be a while yet before their brand can match Apple’s brilliant marketing with impressive products.

The mobile phone market is now more diverse than ever, with interesting offerings from BlackBerry, Android and Windows. But iPhone 4 remains the strongest proposition. The reason? IPhone 4’s battery lasts longer than the top HTC Android phones, the iOS operating system is slicker than anything yet offered by a Google-powered handset, and it provides music and video options that Windows Phone, though improving, has yet to match.

For some time now, HTC has been knocking at the door and trying to overtake the Apple iPhone’s dominance of the handset market,” said Mark Owen, managing director of the comparison site that carried out the survey. “Our results clearly show that HTC have taken the lead in terms of consumer demand for their smartphones.”

The cost of purchasing an iPhone 4 – starts from around £499 PAYG, and costs as much as £329 on some network and tariffs. However, limited availability is off-putting for some consumers. There is a growing conviction in the smartphone market that the HTC range of handsets offer an exciting competitive technological edge in terms of features and functionality. Many HTC handsets run Google’s Android operating system. The platform is now the second most popular smartphone OS in the world, with a 25.5 per cent share of the market. Apple’s IOS platform, found on the iPhone, accounts for 16.7 per cent, according to research from Gartner.

HTC’s Mozart is gaining ground on Apple iPhone but that may not be a bad thing for consumers as competition brings innovation. Apple will probably came back with something better. For example, one of the niftiest new features for iPhone 4 is the Find My iPhone which helps you locate your device if you have misplaced it. It actually lets you remotely lock your iPhone, wipe it, display a message or play a sound on it. This service is available on PAYG – add a MobileMe account by tapping Mail, then tapping MobileMe. Enter the Apple ID and password you use with the iTunes store. That will set up a MobileMe account for you. This is a great new feature for the smart, security-minded mobile user. It may even swing your decision to buy an Apple iPhone.

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