How to release apps stuck in your iPhone

January 18, 2011

If you are a new iPhone owner no doubt you will be searching for new apps to try on your phone.

If you are lucky enough to have an iPhone 4 with  iOS4 you were  provided with Apple’s classic interface, allowing you to select numerous applications, all which open quickly thanks to the handset’s 1GHz processor. Your pre-installed apps include: Push email, GPS powered by Google Maps, alarm clock, calendar, voice memos and iBooks, Apple’s new integrated eReader.  With Apple boasting the largest selection of apps,  more can be downloaded, which we’re pretty sure will provide you with endless entertainment. Have you tried Angry Birds yet?

The simplicity of Apple’s smartphone can make some things surprisingly tricky. For instance, how do you shut down, or quit, a program that appears to have got stuck when there’s no menu through which you could select a “quit” command? This problem can happen from time to time and the iPhone manual does contain the solution to your problem. However, if you cannot find your manual or don’t want the hassle of searching through vast amounts of technical advice – read on.

If you own an iPhone 4 and the app concerned appears stuck –  press the Home button twice to bring up the iPhone’s list of recently opened applications. Then touch and hold the icon for the stuck app until it starts to wiggle and displays a minus sign in a red circle above its top left corner; press that symbol to force it to quit. Press the Home button one more time and that should solve the problem.

If you own an iPhone 3G, which doesn’t support multitasking, press and hold the on/off button at the top of the phone until a red slider control, labeled “slide to power off,” appears on the screen, then press and hold the Home button to force the app to exit. If you are missing out on the fun of owning a slick, intuitive smartphone with fantastic features that still offers the benchmark all other phones are measured against – then consider buying an iPhone – they are back in stock after the Xmas 2010 sellout.

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