Health & Fitness Apps 2012

January 30, 2012

There are an exciting range of apps available to help you take control of your wellbeing and to help you maintain your resolution to maximise your fitness in 2012.

NHS  – free apps

The NHS Quit smoking app provides you with instant tips and advice on how to quit smoking as well as a timer that tells you how long you have been smoke free – plus it tells you how much money you have saved by abstaining. The NHS Direct free app will help you deal with a range of medical problems – you can also be reassured by the in-app call feature to speak to an NHS Direct Nurse to save you waiting in your doctor’s surgery.

Instant heart rate – free app/ upgrade 69p

This app reads your heart rate by using the phone’s built in camera: cover the lens with your index fingure to measure your beats per minute (BPM). The upgrade is well worth the investment of 69p as it will measure your heart rate recovery after exercise – this is a key fitness indicator. It will also keep a record of you heart rate for future reference.

Moodkit – £2.99 for iPhone

If you suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or depression Moodkit is the way to reduce your depression and stress levels by practising behavioural cognitive therapy techniques to reduce your down days. The app has been developed by clinical psychologists who suggest a number of activities to lift or change your mood and helps you, step by step, deal with stressful situations. It suggests you keep a daily journal of your moods and thoughts. This app is really valuable because it acknowledges that health and fitness involves  mental activities too.

Yoga for health -69p to £2.99 for iPhone & iPad

For 69p invest in Yoga Stretch – this has pre-set routinesand audio instructions to talk you through the poses and you can select your own music. For 2.99 you get ‘All In Yoga HD’  for iPad giving you 300 clearly illustrated poses and you can choose from 40 different ready-made routines at a range of levels. Each position is timed and supplemented with Pranayama breathing control exercises. Great for physical and mental wellbeing.

GPS Fitness Tracking- £1.49

MAPMYRUN and MAPMYRIDE are £1.49 each – both apps enable you to use your phone’s built in GPS to track all your fitness activities. They will record your workout details, duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route travelled on an interactive map – great value for money.

Fitness Builder £39.99 a month -for iPhones

Serious money for the most dedicated and motivated fitness enthusiast. Note that this app is free for the first month – it consists of a stimulating, comprehensive fitness compendium with a database of over 5,000 exercise images and videos and over 700 workouts by fitness professionals. Select a detailed gym schedule and the app will give you a range of measurements from strength to BMI – watch the muscles bulge.

Can I Eat it? – £1.99

Health & Fitness should start with a sensible diet andthe’ Can I Eat It?’  app gives you a simple way of monitoring your food shopping. To help you scrutinise food labels quickly and effortlessly scan the product’s barcode with your camera. Based on your pre-setting (e.g. sugar, wheat, dairy) the app will show you a thumbs up, or thumbs down, for any specific food item.

Your iPhone and iPad can give you the tools (apps) to maximise your health and fitness in 2012 – just go to iTunes to select those apps that appeal to you. To succeed, you need to maintain the fitness regime you have opted for and most importantly – you need an iPhone or iPad. For help in selecting the right model and best deals check out our sponsor links and guides. Have a good year!



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