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October 2, 2010

Although average broadband speeds have not improved dramatically in the last 12 months when you select your network you want the best options available for your iPhone.

Broadband Genie, a comparison website, confirm that the highest average speeds come from Vodafone and T-Mobile – they are averaging 1.2Mb. Whereas O2 and 3 Mobile averaged 1Mb and Orange lagged behind at an average speed of 0.86Mb. Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive Officer at Vodafone, said there needed to be a greater focus on tiered pricing if internet service providers were to continue to provide low-cost web access. What makes the iPhone such a good test of the quality of a mobile phone network is that it is designed to download apps and browse the web – both are very demanding on a network. As the demands on 3G networks continue to increase Ofcom, the media regulator, confirmed that satisfaction rates are lower among dongle users than consumers with a fixed web connection. While the popularity of dongles continues to increase, many customers still have concerns over download speeds, data usage and reliability.

A number of research initiatives have found that over 80% of dongle users have experienced service problems caused by low download speeds, coverage problems, and connection difficulties. Consumers want networks to tackle fundamental issues in broadband such as cost, quality of experience and value for money.

Consequently, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile and 3 are all requesting a higher power limit to support their supply of voice and data services in the UK. This move is in response to an agreement by Ofcom that the present cap of 62dBm per carrier can be extended to 65dBm and will thus allow for 3G mobile spectrum licences to be increased.

Owning an iPhone has become something of a holy grail and currently the major networks are competing with one another to offer you, the consumer, the best deals on iPhone tariffs and prices. Vodafone iPhone website offer competitive packages well worth checking out. The attraction of iPhone is its impressive versatility so when choosing a tariff prioritise which features are best for you.  Some deals on iPhone will offer you greater calling time and texts, others will focus on downloads and emails, plus the ubiquitous media centre needs consideration. For example, if you make more calls than you send texts you need to make sure you choose a package that is not biased towards texts. If you regularly like to download music and videos you will need a package that includes generous downloading time.

Vodafone is currently offering online vouchers on iPhone 4 – code ‘PAYGMB’ why not start by checking them out?

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