Best satnav is iPhone with TomTom

February 24, 2010

Which Magazine (March 2010) have recently reviewed and rated satnav apps and found that the highest scoring best app was iPhone with TomTom (app £60, car kit £100).  These prices don’t include the phone of course and for customers who have already purchased V1.0, upgrade to V1.2 is free of charge. Smartphone satnav apps can usually only be used on one brand of smartphone. For example, the TomTom app is specific to the iPhone.

The kit has a GPS receiver to enhance the signal and charge your iPhone as you travel and this significantly improves the app’s performance. The separate speaker improves the sound quality so that there is no distortion at higher volumes. This version also has great features such as spoken road names, advanced lane guidance and a help menu. It also has an updated map and camera database.

The iPhone’s screen has a 12.9 aspect ratio offering a clear route display and the screen adjusts according to its orientation. The TomTom cradle allows for this adjustment without removing from your car windscreen.

Downsides are the small icons make it more difficult to programme compared to a dedicated satnav and the schematics are small compared with most standalones. The app also works on iPod touch.

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