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January 25, 2011

So you have bought your iPhone and whether you are on a contract or PAYG you should get it insured asap. It makes sense because your iPhone has so many important numbers, photos and useful apps –  the cost of replacing your iPhone doesn’t bear thinking about when monthly protective cover is available at a reasonable cost . It can prove  expensive to go with the recommended contract phone agents (where you got your iPhone) and this cover may not include loss. It pays you to check out the best deals online as cover and monthly rates vary enormously. You have chosen the elite of smartphones so it really deserves the best cover out there! Because iPhones are highly desirable you really need peace of mind that full insurance cover gives you.

There’s a big difference between the price and quality of cover that’s available from different insurance providers. Basic cover can be obtained for iPhones online at around £3.99 per month but this will NOT cover you for theft, loss or unauthorised calls. The good news is, Protect Your Bubble’s comprehensive insurance policy for iPhones, takes into account the importance of price as well as quality in terms of the protection it provides. The following guide sets out their 6-point comprehensive  iPhone cover -usual cost £5.99 a month (current deal online offers first month free). Please note below that you need to pay £6.99 to include cover against loss *.

Accidental damage

If your iPhone suddenly stops working, is damaged, or even stolen – you’ll receive a replacement handset within 48 hours of a successful claim.


Try and make sure you never leave your personal stuff unattended when you’re out and about. If the worst does happen though and your phone is stolen, inform the police straightaway and then tell your insurance company.


If something breaks after your warranty expires (the insurance includes electrical and mechanical breakdown cover)  and your iPhone stops working, or won’t recharge, a good insurance company will fix it or replace it for you – any time after your Apple guarantee has run out.

Free iPhone contacts backup

You can back up all your contacts for free so you’ll never have to worry again about losing a single number. So if you need to get hold of someone in a hurry, you won’t have to email all your friends first.

Worldwide cover as standard

Wherever you lose your iPhone you’ll be protected against the costs of replacing or repairing it.  So if you’re on your holidays, you can relax even more.

Airtime abuse

If your iPhone is stolen and someone else starts running up your bill, Protect Your Bubble will pay for the cost of any unauthorised calls. After all, it’s bad enough it’s been taken, without having to worry about calls you haven’t made.

Great value cover for just £5.99 a month *

Their comprehensive iPhone insurance offers better value than many network providers.  UK based staff  offer an efficient and reliable service, at a time when you need it most. Please note that you will need to pay £6.99 (an extra £1 a month) for loss cover which is an optional extra.

Protect Your Bubble also provides insurance for lots of other gadgets like  laptops, iPads, iPods, digital cameras and more. Each time you insure one more gadget on your policy, you’ll save an additional 10%.. worth a thought

Always read and check terms and conditions before tying yourself into a monthly contract.

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