Best deal today – free iPhone on 2 year contract

December 11, 2010

Free refurbished iPhone 3G are available today only online.

There are a limited number of contract deals to choose from.

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The Apple iPhone 3G 8GB entered the market in 2007. That year it picked up the Invention of the Year award from Time magazine.  Just three months after its launch it had outsold the BlackBerry models from Research in Motion by over one million.

It is made in two forms, with one offering 8GB of internal memory (the deal on offer) and a higher end version which includes 16GB that can access more functions. However, both versions include memory expansion card slots. The iPhone 3G 8GB is operated by a touchscreen display which has been specially created for use with a finger or more than one digit for scrolling effortlessly through pages. The interaction system is equipped to understand complex gestures, thus allowing users to adopt techniques such as touching and dragging icons.

The phone doubles as a GPS device, thanks to assisted GPS and the Google Maps application. This enables you to receive turn by turn directions to your location and quickly and easily find your way around. And its large screen makes reading maps on the display a pleasure. There are games and apps which employ the iPhone’s accelerator to give you fun Wii-style.

If you are considering going for a refurbished iPhone offer there are a few things to think about. The overall consensus about the refurbished iPhone is not that it is too worn to work well but that it’s overall life will be less. It is difficult to replace batteries so check that a reputable company like O2 is offering a new battery in the handset.

The iPhone is also incredibly sensitive so avoid shaking it as this has a negative effect below its hood. If you are using it during physical activity, such as jogging, try to hold it to reduce movement. The touch screen is very sensitive which makes it prone to scratches and cracking. You should buy a protective cover to reduce any future damage that may occur (look at our website for choice of covers). If you would not be able to even consider the item unless it had the refurbished offer, then it is definitely worthwhile.  It is going to be much more reliable then buying one at an auction site, especially since you are guaranteed the quality of O2 service.

For some competitive offers and deals on new iPhones you might consider an Orange package.

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Remember – the best deals are only available online.


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