Apple will buy or recycle your old iPhone

August 15, 2011

 Apple goes green

Apple offers a number of different recycling programs and has recently enhanced their service. Apple will now pay you a fair market value for your old iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC desktop or notebook computer. Payment is in the form of an Apple gift card or a discount on an iPad. The market value is calculated by a third party company called PowerOn and they run the recycling program for Apple.

AppleInsider confirm that if you own an iOS device or a computer from any manufacturer you can obtain credit calculated by PowerOn. Apple’s new recycling program website claims that:

“If your product qualifies for reuse – meaning it has monetary value – you’ll receive an Apple Gift Card equivalent to its fair market value as determined by PowerOn”

Recycling old mobile phones and computer components harvests metal, plastic and glass as well as extending the life of products that have value in the second hand market. You can take your old Mac laptop or desktop, old iPhones and iPads into an Apple Retail Store or an Apple Premium Reseller to get it recycled in exchange for an Apple Gift Card. If  your old phone or computer is suitable for resale, all your data will be securely erased. You can use the Apple gift card for purchases on the Apple Online Store or in any Apple Retail Store. If your old phone or computer is not considered to have monetary value, Apple will recycle it free of charge (in the past you would have been charged £25 for recycling such items) and offer you a ten percent discount on a new iPod.

However, if you are considering selling your old mobile phone or you want to buy a reconditioned smartphone you would be wise to check out our comparison sites. Follow our guide to a reconditioned iPhone by clicking on the sidebar on our homepage.


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