Apple iPhone tops Xmas list

November 12, 2010

It is not only adults who yern for the latest Apple iPhone in their Xmas stocking. Last week the annual Duracell toy report in a survey of more than two thousand children aged between 5-16 found that in the UK the iPhone 4 was at the top of most children’s Christmas lists too, toppling Barbie the doll. The appeal of the Apple iPhone appears to be universal- across both genders and all ages in the UK.

The Telegraph this week announced that the iPhone, originally released in November 2007, was now the third-biggest selling mobile brand in the UK. Apple sold 1.5m iPhones including the new iPhone4 model in the three months to the end of September 2010, a rise of 43% on the previous quarter. Apple have stated that they would have sold even more iPhones if it had not struggled with supply issues. When you consider that the cheapest pay-as-you-go iPhone4  mobile sells for around £480, it is not an inexpensive asset- yet demand still outstretches supply. In the UK users own 71.2m mobile phones, that is 10m more than our current population!

It appears that functionality is not the guiding reason for wanting to own an iPhone 4. Its greatest appeal is sensory; “Just cradling it in your hand is a delight, while sliding your finger across the screen to unlock it prompts a little gasp of pleasure” cited by David Edwards in The Times newspaper. When faced with the state of the art screen (read our article on Screen technology of the iPhone4), text, picture or map, by placing your fingers on the screen and dragging then apart the screen zooms in on the detail -move your fingers together again and you zoom back out – its a great trick to show envious family and friends.

It’s that time of year when you need to move now if you want to buy an iPhone4 for your own use or as a great Xmas gift. At present the iPhone4 is available on 3 after all stocks sold out last month. You can get a handset from 3 for £30 a month with £149 upfront charge on 3’s Internet Texter 500 plan. This will give you 500 any-network minutes per month plus 5,000 3-to-3 minutes and a monthly allowance of 1GB of internet use for downloading a fantastic range of apps and viewing media, plus 5,000 text messages. 3 are also stocking the 16GB iPhone4 in a refurbished condition.

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T-mobile have iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G in stock too.

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