8 Tips to save your iPhone battery

November 7, 2011

A growing number of Phone owners who are using the latest iPhone operating system- iOS 5 – are experiencing lower than expected battery life from their iPhones. Apple has admitted that bugs in the iOS 5 are responsible for this battery drain and are working to release a software update in the next few weeks to solve this glitch.

According to MacRumors, the update will fix the biggest problems with devices running iOS 5, including battery life, security issues and voice recognition problems. In the meantime we have some helpful tips for preventing your battery draining too quickly:


  1. A bug may be causing your iPhone to repeatedly use your phone’s location services in order to find out whether or not you’ve switched time zones, this may be happening even if your phone has been sitting unused in your pocket, or handbag.  If your Time Zone Settings are constantly on (indicated by an arrow head) then it will definately be draining your battery. To switch it off:

Touch the “Settings” icon on your home screen.
Touch the “Location Services” bar.
Scroll down to the “System Services” bar at the bottom and click onto that screen.
Switch “Setting Time Zone” into the “Off” position. It is not necessary to be on all the time unless you are travelling constantly.


2. Additionally, we suggest you also turn off “Location-Based iAds,” to prevent advertisements popping up when using free apps. You can turn off  “Diagnostics & Usage,” too if you do not use the traffic function on your Maps app, you could turn off “Traffic” as well to save battery life.


3. If you do not need your iPhone to constantly check for updates then ‘Push Notifications’  to the ‘Off’ position. These are notifications sent by third party apps straight to your iPhone through Apple servers. Too many new apps and downloads can drain your battery. To turn off ‘Push Notifications’ :

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Touch the “Notifications” bar. This should be the third bar from the top.
Look at the apps that are “In Notification Center.” If you can do without updates from apps there, touch on that app’s bar to be taken to the next screen.
Switch “Notification Center” from “On” to “Off” for each app you don’t need.


4. Control the screen brightness of your iPhone and save your battery:

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Touch the “Brightness” bar.
Move that bar to the left a little bit.


5.  Lock your phone when it’s not in use (by pressing the silver button on top of the phone) will extend your battery juice. Additionally, you can set the auto-lock feature to work faster -this will save your battery life by locking the phone and turning off the display light.

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Select “General.”
Touch the “Auto-Lock” bar.
Choose 1 Minute or 2 Minutes.


6. For improved battery life do not get your email automatically but select the times convenient for you. By selecting  ‘Fetch’ not ‘Push’ your phone is checking for new emails less frequently. As the iPhone setting says,’For better battery life, fetch less frequently’:

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Scroll down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Select that screen.
Touch the “Fetch New Data” bar.
Turn off “Push.”
Choose a schedule for how often you want your email refreshed (every 15 mins, 30 mins or hourly)


7. Walking around and checking for wi-f hotspots will drain your battery. So we suggest you can save power by switching off the wi-fi until you need it. To do this :

Touch “Settings” icon.
Touch “Wi-Fi” bar.
Switch “Wi-Fi” to off.


8.   If you have an iPhone 4S with Siri function, voice recognition, this software is at present a battery drain. If you are not using the Siri ‘Raise to Speak’ function, it makes sense to switch it off until you have the iOS 5.0.1 upgrade.

Touch the “Settings” icon.
Touch “General.”
Touch “Siri.”
Slide “Raise to Speak” to the “Off” position.


We hope you find these tips helpful. Getting to know your way around your iPhone can be a satisfying experience. If you want to know more about your iPhone read our latest blogs or go to ‘Reviews’ on our website.








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