2 of the best money saving iphone fuel apps

May 6, 2010

MYGAS: is free for iPhone users and iPod touch

This app claims to find your cheapest nearby petrol pumps. Its database contains around 9,000 filling stations in the UK so wherever you are this is a good app to have on your iPhone. Data are continually being updated by users of the app and the whatgas.com site. Adding the price of your chosen garage to the app is simple and feels great! Information on the app includes franchise owner, address and  stars for quality of service received. You also have an option to use the Google Maps route-finding service to various filling stations are available though this involves leaving the app.

PETROLPRICES PRO £2.99 for iPhone users and touch

This app displays the prices paid by fleet drivers and users of Arval fuel cards – prices are regularly updated throughout the day and are more up to date than MyGas which is updated once daily. It has more locations than MyGas but some smaller garages are still excluded and might be because the app will display only the 5 cheapest nearby filling stations (with a radius ranging from 2-20 miles). Other functions are pretty basic – it can store the details of your favourite garages, offers Google Map navigation, remembers your fuel preference and displays the average national price. It should save you at every fill-up but particularly if you stick to the major roads.


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